About our CLASSES

We have a plan!...and you better believe it! Our Systematic approach to teaching tango and our vast experience will reflect on your learning, we guaranty it, the first thing to keep in mind is that Argentine Tango it is not like other dances, it is a dance of improvisation, where we have to learn to lead and follow. It is the interpretation of the music and your feelings. TRY IT!

THOROUGH, CONCISE and DYNAMIC - Brand new concept
Open, focalized and thematic classes for a COMPLETE TANGO EXPERIENCE. We cover EVERYTHING YOU NEED! The whole spectrum of what you need when you want to really learn Argentine Tango: Technique for Men, Women & Couples / Musicality & Rhythmic Exercises / Dance Practice & Codes / Milonga, Tango & Vals / All about the Basics / All about Turns.
Flexible schedule Pasional membership tailored to your needs, choose a package that fits your time the best, and join classes as you like or as you can.*

  • 12 weeks
  • 6 classes per week
  • 72 classes in total


  • September 17th - December 3rd

Class Schedule:

MEMBERSHIPS costs* (in Mexican Pesos):

Full Trimester :

  • $1800 per person**.
  • Unlimited Classes for 12 weeks. Entire trimester for a total of 12 weeks, during which you can take any and as many classes as you like. 72 hours of tango in total. Our most advantageous package.

Monthly bases :

  • $800 per person**.
  • Unlimited Classes for 4 consecutive weeks. This package is suited to people that can take only part of the trimester and it consists of 4 CONSECUTIVE weeks from the moment that you start /sign up.

Weekly :

  • $250 per person**.
  • Unlimited Classes for 1 week. You have the opportunity to take up to 6 classes in a week. You can see this as a “week tango camp”!

Full Evening :

  • $150 per person**.
  • includes up to 3 classes in one single day.

Single Class :

  • $100 per class
  • You can choose and sign for any one of the 6 classes we offer during the week.


  • **: 20% discount for couples signing together.
  • **: 30% discount FOR STUDENTS AGED 18 TO 24.
  • * Every package and Single Classes has to be paid in advance, with the exception of the full trimester that could be paid in two installments.
  • You will need a PARTNER for every Class.
  • PARTNER SERVICE - “Waiting list” $50 per person.
  • Please understand that the search of a partner means also for our administration work and time. Therefor this service costs $50 per person in case we can connect you to a dancing partner for the classes at PTC. This cost will be added to the cost of your Membership and we thank you for your understanding.

About the Levels:

  • NO LEVELS : As you can see the graphic is very clear. We will not have Levels "per se" but you must have certain experience for some classes. The Green Classes are open to all Levels
  • Complete Beginners must attend at least to the 2 Basics Classes if they really want to learn and advance, while also taking advantage of the rest of the Green Classes, Milonga and Rhythm n'dance and if possible Turns and Things. We strongly recommend the newcomers to attend the 2 Basics that we offer.
    Please check out our traditional “Open House” Workshops for Complete Beginners that we offer as always, before every trimester to Newcomers.


  • Please note that you can take part in all the classes in offer as long as you attend with a partner. You can attend different classes with different partners. In the unlikely event that you choose to do a class that it is above your level or your partner's level you will not be allowed to change partners. Only our Maestros decide who will be able to change partners during the class as this will always be in the best interest for you and your learning journey and for a matter of respect towards the other dancers. We have more than 25 years of experience in this field, thank you for putting your trust in our hands.


  • Sign-up: Please register as soon as possible indicating who is your Partner by clicking on the button below
  • Please specify your full name, date of birth, email address and telephone number.
  • WITH YOUR INSCRIPTION YOU CONFIRM THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO OUR terms & conditions as well as FAQ's that you find below at the bottom of this page (footer). After Pasional Tango Club Merida has received your inscription you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Please sign up early and with a partner so we can organize the courses efficiently and professionally and offer the best quality to you that we are known for.

If you like to Register now for our Courses please send as an email by clicking the button, Thanks for your visit, we are looking forward to working with you . Register



  • All Levels.This class will take place 2 times per week and will be focused on the two major systems: The Parallel and the Crossed System. After a 3 Months period you will learn everything you need to start dancing Argentine Tango by learning the different basic steps or “salidas”, ochos, caminatas and specially how you follow and lead, while starting with improvisation from the first steps. 
For beginners we specially advise a regular training. Everything is built on a strong basic technique and knowledge of your body and the structure of the music, and all this is achieved by repetition.
  • All Levels. Passionate Superior Technique. Adjust to any style and movement, learn a flexible technique, integrate adornments naturally in your dance, learn to dance relaxed and focus energy exactly where you need it...
    All you need to know to be a better leader, follower and a couple, and because tango it is not only about technique! Insights - Essentials - Secrets of the leaders and followers.
  • All Levels. Rhythmic Exercises & Dance Training. Codes & Useful Advises. Put into practice steps and techniques you have already learned... and widen your horizon by going one step further into musicality and styles, by getting practice in a milonga-like surrounding.
  • All Levels. Learn and practice milonga and vals every week, having a continuity will allow everyone to master these fun dances. Milonga “Traspié” & Milonga “Lisa” and romantic Vals. Be ready to “hit the floor” or as we say in Buenos Aires: Sacarle viruta al piso!
  • Master the Turns... because most of the advanced stuff builds up on them. Every time you'll find a new combination, another detail, a different entrance or exit...
There is always more details about timing, technique and dynamics to learn to make it enjoyable for both. All that, you will learn with the right insights and by repetition, adjustment and doing it all over again. :-))