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We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions here . If you don't find your answers you can read again the Classes page where we have a pretty detailed information about the system and how it works.

Pasional Tango Club keeps optimizing

We are putting into effect a brand new concept from this trimester on, due to our continuos search for better ways to pass on to you our vast knowledge and try our best to keep your training: THOROUGH, CONCISE and DYNAMIC -


levels and schedule
GREEN classes are suited for ALL LEVELS
  • In the Trimester September - December 2018 Pasional Tango Club Mérida has scheduled 6 weekly classes during a period of 12 consecutive weeks.
  • Every class is focalized on a specific thematic in Tango, all together they cover your complete Tango needs to widen your spectrum and horizon.
  • Themes: The Basics: Parallel, Crossed & Combined - All about Turns/ Giros - Technique for Couples - Musicality, Rhythmic Exercises and Dance in Practice - Milonga (the dance) Traspié and Lisa plus Vals.
  • Every class is 50 minutes long, classes start at 18.00, 19.00, 20.00 sharp.
  • Flexible Schedule: With your Pasional Membership you can come to any class fitting your level of experience and needs.
  • We offer different Memberships: Trimester / Monthly / Weekly / 1 Day / 1 Class.
  • The classes are for All Levels. Why? Because there we work on things above the common understanding of steps/ patterns/ figures, things that you need to master in order to really dance tango. No matter your level, you will always find new challenges when it comes to a better technique, musicality, expression, interpretation, Improvisation and understanding of the dance.
  • All classes are 100% balanced in terms of followers and leaders, so please bring a partner!.
  • As this is an important part of our teaching philosophy we change partners regularly in most classes in order to learn how to lead and follow just about anyone.
  • If you have more questions or like to sign up, please go through the following tabs and read our CLASSES page and our Terms & Conditions..
  • Please register as soon as possible per EMAIL Register
  • Please specify your full name, date of birth, email address and telephone number.
  • After Pasional Tango Club has received your inscription you will receive a confirmation email.
  • If you sign up for the whole Trimester Membership, you can participate in any class on your level from September 17th till December 3rd.
  • If you sign-up for the Monthly Membership, you can participate in any class on your level during 4 consecutive weeks from the start of your sign-up/registration.
  • If you sign-up for the Weekly Membership, you can participate in any class on your level during 1 week from the start of your sign-up.
  • If you sign-up for the 1 Day Membership, you can participate in any class on your level during 1 day.
  • If you sign-up for 1 Class, you can participate in 1 specific class of your choice.

Membership Fees

  • The whole Membership-Fee is to be paid on the first day of class in cash directly in PTC before your class starts.

Partners Telephone List : 

  • Pasional Tango Club Mérida will offer to you a "Partners-List" in 2018. This list will help you to find someone to help you out if your 'Partner' is not able to attend a class and you still want to join. Every participant of Pasional who likes to join can sign up on this list. This list is only distributed amongst participants that want to join the "Partners-Telephone-List".
  • PLEASE see it as your responsibility to inform us if you want to be part of that list.
  • If you look for a partner you can also sign-up and post in our Facebook-Group

Partners & Change of partners in class : 

  • Please arrive to all classes with a Partner! You do not need one fix partner, you can have also different ones.
  • In class we regularly change partners as a sound element of our teaching system.
  • As all classes are always balanced (leaders & followers) you will get the maximum benefit out of every training and learn much quicker.
  • In case you are not on the level of the class, please be respectful to others and do not change partners!
  • Come to the FREE Workshop (we try to do this in a monthly basis) and get in contact with people that are also looking for partners.
  • Ask someone at the PASIONAL GRAND OPENING (once every 3 months), a workshop, Practica or Milonga.
  • You can sign up on our 'Waiting List', per email, we will try to connect you with other singles.
    As soon as we have found a partner for you, then you can integrate into the classes.
  • Beginners should watch out for partners in our FREE Workshops, Milongas, Practicas or different groups.
  • You can also sign-up and post in our Facebook-Group: Partners & Temporary Partners for PTC class
  • There are so many singles (men and women) in the scene looking for partners to integrate courses that once you have started to look seriously you will find someone quickly.
  • Women who like to learn leading / Men that like to learn following : we are happy to welcome you as long as you stick to your role. Why? Because in your learning process it's too early to dance both roles and you will get pretty confused, so it will not serve you until you really understand one role in-depth. Or: if you are a couple and want to change constantly both roles this is of course ok as well, as long as you do not change partners during the class. In that case just be aware that you will probably not develop your dance to the maximum as quickly as you could.
  • No, you have 6 classes per week to choose from. You can come anytime you wish Monday and Tuesday, always 18.00 to 21.00.
  • If you are not always in Mérida you can also choose one of our Monthly or Weekly Membership-options.
  • Every class has it's own focalized thematic (listed above under DESCRIPTIONS & SCHEDULE).
  • All the classes are suited to All Levels. Why? Because there we work on things above the common understanding of steps/ patterns/ figures, things that you need to master in order to really dance tango. No matter your level, you will always find new challenges when it comes to a better technique, musicality, expression, interpretation and understanding in the dance.
  • We offer many classes for every level, so choose what fits best to your needs and exigencies. Ideally we advise everyone to participate in the All Level classes. Why? because there you learn all the stuff that really matters to complete your Tango-Voyage.
  • For complete beginners we advise a regular training specially in our 2 different Basics classes, the Couple's Technique class, Milonga & Vals and Rhythm n'dance.
  • Please note that your learning and best progress in the Argentine Tango is our absolute interest. We might advise you to join or not join a certain class.
Thank you for putting your trust in our hands!

Just by participating in a higher level your personal level will of course not be higher at all. On the contrary,  your level might decrease when you are trying to advance quicker than your body allows you to by forcing yourself to execute movements that your body did not have time to integrate yet. Everybody learns at their own pace (which differentiates, according to our history, to physical abilities etc); and by respecting this fact you will improve much quicker.

In PTC we teach the students to being able to dance with just anybody, improvise & express their musicality to the different orchestras, keeping at any time control over the line of dance.

As teachers we feel highly responsible for the future of our students and find it really important that they learn a "neutral" or universal style of dancing, to the concern that afterwards they can choose by themselves their own style (if they want to dance milonguero, salon or learn nuevo) and are not blocked by having taken wrong habits that are very difficult to change later on.


Learning to express yourself in the dance is a long term process and needs lots of regular care as you will grow in different directions and develop a profound understanding for your own role in the dance, your partners role, the connection and constant exchange between the two and the movement of other couples on the dance-floor, the constant play and projection around the other's axis, the musical interpretation with and through your partner and last but not least your very own style that will be born out of all of the above.

Our teaching gives equal attention to both partners in the couple, not just to the leader! The importance of the adequate technique, awareness, connection, embrace & musical understanding of the follower are too often underestimated.
This is what we stress in our classes so you can essentially speed up your Tango learning as a leader and follower.

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